The most important things you need to know about the new subscription solution

Here's an overview of frequently asked questions and answers about our new purchasing platform and subscription solution on

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During autumn 2023, Standard Norway launched new websites with a new purchasing platform, including a new subscription solution for standards. The platform is based on new technology and offers modern, user-tailored functionality and more options for our customers.

What are the main changes and improvements in the new subscription solution?

  • New reading tool – it's now easier to read the standards.
  • Easier to customize subscriptions according to individual needs.
  • All users must be registered.
  • Subscription price depends on subscription type, number of registered users, and the price of each standard.

How can I read the content of standards?

You can read the content of the standard in a dedicated online reading window. The reading window adjusts to your screen, and you don't need to download a PDF reader. The new reading window will also be able to utilize information in standards available in XML format, which will apply to more and more standards going forward. This will make it easier, for example, to navigate the content, as well as to search for content.

I had a subscription on the old website, do I have it on the new website as well?

During the transition to the new subscription solution in September 2023, all our customers were allocated a new subscription on the new website, based on the equivalent agreement in the old solution. To access the subscription on the new website, you need to create a new user. Read more about this here

We are unsure if we have the right subscription for us, how can we change this?

Please refer to our help pages for instructions on managing your subscription. You can also learn more about the different subscriptions and service levels you can choose from. Additionally, we encourage everyone to reach out if they have any questions or challenges. If you have any questions about the new subscription or wish to make changes, feel free to contact us at or by phone at +47 67 83 87 00.

How can I make changes to my subscription?

As an administrator, you can manage users, grant access, and add standards to the subscription yourself. On our help pages, you'll find several guides for administrators

What is the role of an administrator?

The subscription administrator is responsible for granting named users (colleagues) access to the subscription that the company has with us. The administrator is also responsible for assigning the users the correct service level. If you have multiple types of subscriptions, the administrator manages which subscription each user should have access to. The administrator must also ensure that the subscription is tailored to the company's needs for standards and who should have the authority to add standards to the subscription. The administrator should also stay informed about our prices and conditions.

How do I customize the subscription for our organization?

As there are significant differences in how various businesses use and require access to standards, we now offer several different subscriptions with various services. You can create multiple subscriptions depending on your needs. Read more about our subscriptions and services.

Why must all users of a subscription be registered?

In the new subscription solution, all users must be registered on the platform. This makes it possible, among other things, to grant users in the same organization access to different subscriptions. For administrators, it is therefore important to regularly review the subscriptions and which users are registered for each subscription. See guidance on how to manage users

How do you manage users in a subscription?

As an administrator, you can grant users access to different subscriptions with varying service levels, standards, and user rights. Refer to our help pages for information on how to manage users in your subscription

Why can't I see standards in my subscription?

Your products should appear under "My Products" when you click on your name at the top right corner when logged in. If the standards do not appear here, you may not have access to the subscription. In that case, you need to contact the administrator in your organization and request access. If this doesn't resolve the issue, please contact support at

Why do I have fewer products in your subscription now than before?

If you have a subscription type that includes history, i.e. previous versions of standards, the number of products in your subscription will be lower than before. After we changed our subscription system, previous versions of standards are not considered as separate products. They are now part of the history of the current standard. Read more about fewer products in subscription

What affects the price of a subscription?

The price of a subscription is based on a combination of the subscription's service level, the number of users who need access, and which standards are included in the subscription. A subscription also has an annual subscription fee.

When were the new websites launched?

The new websites with a new purchasing platform, including a new subscription solution for standards, were launched in autumn 2023.

Why did you create new websites?

There was a need to implement a new platform built on new technology, offering modern, user-tailored functionality, and more choices for our customers.

How long can I use the old online store and subscription pages at

Our old websites and online store at will be discontinued on March 1, 2024. Anyone still using our old websites ( is encouraged to transition to our new websites ( as soon as possible.

Please note that all customers must create a new account on the new website, even if they had an account on the old online store. Read more about this here

Can I make single purchases without having a subscription?

We still offer single purchases of standards for those who wish to do so. Single purchases are available either as online access in our reading window or as a printed edition sent by mail.

How can I print standards?

We no longer offer 'Print Yourself' as a single purchase, but with a subscription, you can print as many copies as you want of a standard included in your subscription (except for 'Education subscription without printing' and 'Student subscription')

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

If you have questions about subscriptions or purchasing standards in general, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. In the time to come, we will continue to develop more services in collaboration with our customers. Therefore, we are very interested in active dialogue to understand new user needs and adapt our services as best as possible.

  • For inquiries about purchases and subscriptions, please contact our sales team at or by phone at +47 67 83 87 00 (8am-4pm).
  • If you need assistance with logging in or other technical issues, you can reach out to Support at or by phone at +47 67 83 87 00 (8am-12pm).

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