A web subscription provides an easy and secure access to standards, and you are guaranteed to always have the latest edition. With our service you can gather all the standards you need in a single subscription.

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Always access to your standards and products

With a subscription, you always have access to your standards and products via your own pages in our webshop.

Which products?

Norwegian Standards, NEK standards, standard collections, eForms, ISO- and IEC-standards can be added to your web subscription. Most other documents and international standards may also be added to a subscription, contact us if you have questions.

Always updated

With a subscription you will always have the latest and newest editions of the standards and products you subscribe to. You do not need to buy new standards when new editions are published, they will automatically be added to your subscription.

The company administrator will automatically be alerted by email when a new version of a standard included in the subscription has been added.


The price is based on a combination of the number of users and the number of licensed products included in the Service. A subscription has an annual subscription fee.

When you are logged in to your subscription, the discounts included in your subscription are already deduced from the prices that are displayed. All prices on our website are quoted without VAT.

More information about prices and conditions for web subscriptions

Duration of the subscription

A new subscription has a minimum duration of 3 years. At the end of the third year the subscription is automatically renewed each year if not cancelled within 31 October the year before.

New products can be added to the subscription throughout the year. These will be billed based on the discounts that apply to the subscription for that year. At the next renewal, these products will be part of the basis from which the new discounted annual price is calculated.

Reading access and prints

As a subscriber you can read the documents as many times as you want. In addition, the company can print the same number of copies of any one document as the number of simultaneous users included in the web subscription agreement. The standards are copyright protected, and thus cannot be saved on a local disk, forwarded or copied. The documents are in PDF-format.

The number of prints is the same as the number of simultaneous users (does not apply to eForms), but if you wish, you can request more prints. The extra prints are discounted 70%. 

Supplementary services

By ordering one or more of our supplementary services, you can customize your subscription even better to your own needs:

  • Offline Solution
  • Direct Links to standards
  • Enhanced access to standards content

Read more about supplementary services

Withdrawn standards

Standards that are withdrawn, will still be available in the subscription until the end of the calendar year, but removed when the new year begins. You can choose to subscribe to withdrawn standards in addition to other standards. Withdrawn standards, which you subscribe to will be a part of the basis from which the subscription price is calculated, with a 50 % discount. 

System requirements

In order to open and print documents from you need to have installed an Adobe PDF reader on your computer. Read more about this in our Shopping Guide.

Set up a subscription

When signing up for a subscription, you are asked for the company’s enterprise number, as well as whom in the company will take the role of administrator. The administrator is the person or persons in the company who can order products to be added to the web subscription. The administrator can also create web subscription users accounts for employees of the company.  The user name is your email address and cannot be chosen freely. Users choose their own passwords, and subsequently get a confirmation notice sent to their email. 

User guides

In order for you to fully take advantage of your subscription, we have created several “step by step” guides explaining how to use the various features available.

Go to user guides on our shopping guide pages


Terms and conditions

See complete details of prices, terms and conditions for our web subscription service.


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