Subscription – always available and updated

A subscription provides an easy online access to standards for you and your business, and you are guaranteed to always have the latest edition.

Benefits of a subscription:

  • Customize your subscription to suit your needs
  • Always updated editions
  • Unlimited number of printouts
  • Always access to your standards and products through our website
  • Value for money for multiple users
  • Suitable for both small and large businesses

Get started with a subscription today

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Choose a subscription adapted to your needs

We offer several subscriptions with different service levels as there are big differences between companies and organizations in how to use standards.

You can also mix and match access and service levels in the same agreement for different users and standards adapted to their needs.

Read more about our service levels

Always updated

With a subscription you will always have the latest and newest editions of the standards and products you subscribe to. You do not need to buy new standards when new editions are published, they will automatically be added to your subscription.

Unlimited number of prints

With a subscription, you have an unlimited number of prints of the standards you have in the subscription. Does not apply to Student Subscription.

Always access to your standards and products

With a subscription, you always have access to your standards and products via your own pages in our webshop.


The price for a subscription is based on a combination of which subscription (service level) you have, the number of users who have access and how many and which standards you add to the subscription. A subscription has an annual subscription fee.

Duration of the subscription

A new subscription has a minimum duration of 3 years. At the end of the third year the subscription is automatically renewed each year if not cancelled within 31 October the year before.


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