Buy a standard

To buy standards, search for standards and click "Add to cart" on the right-hand side.

To shop, you need to find the standards you want and then log in. You buy the standards by using the shopping cart in the top right corner.

Subscription purchases

If your company has a subscription, only the administrator in your company can add standards to your subscription. The administrator can also allow users to make purchases outside of a subscription.

Contact your administrator if you want access to a standard. You can get information about your administrator by logging in and clicking Account in the menu under your name.

Read more about subscriptions.

Non-subscription purchases (single purchase)

There are two products that can be purchased without a subscription:

  • Read online (not printable)
  • Printed and bound

The Read online (not printable) product allows only one user to access the standard. The product is not updated automatically, does not provide offline access and does not allow printing of the standard.

The Printed and bound product is a physical item that is sent by post. This product is not available for all standards.

How to make a non-subscription purchase

To make a purchase via search result: Click Add to cart and select delivery method.

To make a purchase via a product page: Select delivery method and Add to cart.

Users with a subscription must be granted the right to purchase outside of a subscription by the subscription administrator in order to make individual purchases.