Logging in

To access standards, you need to log in by clicking "Log in" in the top right corner.

If you are an existing customer but a new user on our new website

If you are a new user on our new website, you must register as a new user. We recommend that you ask your administrator to do the registration for you. You still have the option to do it yourself on the login page.

If you are a new customer

If you are a new customer, you must register on the login page. If your company needs a subscription, please contact us at salg@standard.no or call 67 83 87 00.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

It is possible to use Single Sign-On (SSO) as a login for all users from the same organization, either via domain or tenant ID. If you want to use Single Sign-On or if you are wondering if your company already has this set up, please contact us at support@standard.no.

Watch a video about Single Sign-On and how to use your subscription.