Updates and news in our webshop

From September 18th have we opened up for purchases on our new webpages. In addition, are there changes in our subscription service.

Updates have been carried out in the webshop between Thursday, September 14th and Monday, September 18th. Several changes have come to the webshop after this update.

Improved subscription service

New solutions offer new and improved subscription options compared to what we have had before. Subscriptions are now divided into service levels, and we have placed existing subscription customers at the level that should correspond to what you currently have today. This can be upgraded or downgraded as needed and upon request. See email sent to administrators on Friday September 8.

Learn more about the services included in subscriptions

Single purchase "Read online"

One of our new features in the webshop is the delivery method "Read online" as a single purchase. You get online access to the edition you buy, which you always have access to via our website (only access for the buyer). You do not need a subscription agreement for this service.

The standard cannot be printed, nor will it be updated to a new edition when this comes out. Whith a subscription you get both updated versions and unlimited printing.

New users on new pages

Our new websites and subscription solution require creating new users for everyone who needs access to the subscription or the webshop. For customers with a subscription, we recommend that administrators create new users, as this will automatically link them to the subscription.

The old websites will be discontinued – log in to the new website

Our old website at handle.standard.no will soon be discontinued. Therefore, we encourage all subscription customers to start using the subscription on our new website that you are on now.

Learn more about how to log in and access your subscription


Easy access with Single Sign-On (SSO)

If you have previously used a URL-based login with us or if you prefer SSO for easier organization-wide authentication, we offer the setup of this feature. SSO is an authentication method for all users from the same organization, either via domain or tenant ID.

If you wish to set up SSO, please contact us at support@standard.no.