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Did you know that we offer additional services to make your subscription even more customized to suit your needs?

With a subscription at you get easy access to the content of the standards you subscribe to. You are also guaranteed to always have the latest edition of both standards and other products in your subscription. By ordering one or more of the additional services explained below, you can customize your subscription to best fit your needs.

Additional services available to you are:

  • offline service
  • enhanced access to standards content


Offline service: Get access to the standards you need even when you are not online

Do you need to have access to one or more of your standards without being connected to the internet? When you use our “offline service”, you simply download copies of the standards you need to your own computer.

You will have access to these standards for 30 days. Standards download to your computer are terminated after 30 days as a safety precaution for you. This way you never risk using a withdrawn standard. The standards can be downloaded again after 30 days. 

A regular web subscription at gives you access to the standards in your subscription as long as your computer is connected to the internet. The offline service gives you even greater freedom in order to fit your needs.

Enhanced access to standards content

Do you want to use and better utilize the content of standards in your own systems and software? With an Enhanced Access agreement, this is possible, and it gives you more and a wider range of opportunities to take advantage of the content of the standards you use. You will be able to simplify and automate processes, save time and resources and reduce the risk of errors.

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