Subscription agreement for schools

It is easy to use standards in education. Standard Online offers web subscriptions for schools and educational institutions that include access to standards for teachers and administrative staff, as well as providing solutions and discounts for students.

The following subscriptions are available:

  1. Teaching Subscription

  2. The subscription includes a minimum of 30 concurrent users and allows usage for both teachers, administrative staff, and students. The school can use the subscription in teaching by allowing each student to access standards from a laptop or desktop PC through the school's LAN/WLAN or, alternatively, through the school's IP area. Printing is not included.

  3. Teacher Subscription

  4. The subscription includes a minimum of 1-3 user licenses. The school's staff will have access to the standards, and up to 3 individuals can access them simultaneously. The teacher can present the standards via a PC and projector during classes. Printing is not included.

Significant discounts for printing through our online store

Discounted printouts can be purchased by teachers, administrative staff, and students through our online store using a discount code. The following discounts apply:

  • 70% school discount off the list price for self-printed standards.
  • 50% school discount off the list price for pre-printed and bound standards (applies only to Norsk Standard).

Subscription Price

The price of the subscription will depend on the number of users and the number of standards desired in the subscription, based on the curriculum for each specific program of study.

Class Sets

Some schools/educational institutions prefer standards in printed form as class sets. The following discounts apply:

  • 50% discount from the first copy when purchasing Norsk Standard.
  • 50% discount from the first copy when purchasing Norsk Elektroteknisk norm.

Purchasing class sets for schools with a subscription agreement

In addition to the school discount, the following quantity discounts are provided:

  • 10% quantity discount for the purchase of 25-99 standards as class sets. Total discount of 60%.
  • 15% quantity discount for the purchase of over 100 standards as class sets. Total discount of 65%.

The purpose of the subscription agreement and easy access to heavily discounted standards is to make standards available for educational use to promote knowledge about and use of standards. At the same time, we want to ensure that students, teachers, and administrative staff at educational institutions are aware that standards are protected by copyright and that copying is illegal.

Order a subscription agreement for your school Contact one of our friendly sales representatives at or 67 83 87 00. We are also happy to arrange meetings for more information and discussion about an agreement.

Read our Agreement for Web Subscription for Schools

Purchase of individual standards Standards can also be purchased individually outside of a subscription by schools and students. Learn more about our discount schemes for schools and students.