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We offer flexible solutions for you. Choose between subscription, collections and single purchase. In our webshop you get easy access to exactly the NORSOK standards you need.

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Standards Norway is responsible for the development and publication of NORSOK. For users of the standards, it is therefore hugely beneficial to purchase standards and other additional products from us - straight from the source.

Several major international companies emphasize in particular our flexible solutions when delivering NORSOK - we give you access to only the standards you need.

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A Web Subscription service gives you easy and secure access to our products, and you are guaranteed to always have the latest edition.

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To make the choice of the appropriate NORSOK standards easier for you, we have several standard collections that provide you with an overview of the most important standards in several areas, like drilling, engineering and material selection, subsea and HSE-related activities.

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Enhanced access to standards content

Do you want to use and better utilize the content of standards in your own systems and software? With our Pro and Software subscriptions, this is possible, and it gives you more and a wider range of opportunities to take advantage of the content of the standards you use. You will be able to simplify and automate processes, save time and resources and reduce the risk of errors.

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