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Digital use of standards – Save time and resources

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Do you want to use and better utilize the content of standards in your own systems and software?

With our Pro and Software subscriptions, this is possible, and it gives you more and a wider range of opportunities to take advantage of the content of the standards you use. You will be able to simplify and automate processes, save time and resources and reduce the risk of errors.

Use content in standards in for example:

  • Cut and paste
  • Requirements management
  • Production processes
  • Supply processes
  • Quality processes
  • Calculations
  • Gap analysis

What do you have access to?

If you bought a standard as single sales, or in a Basic or Plus subscription, then you have paid for reading access. Using the content beyond this requires that you have a Pro or Software subscription for the document you wish to use.

Available with a Pro or Software subscription

Enhanced Access to the content of standards presupposes that you have a subscription from Standard Online for the relevant standards in the Pro (cut & paste) or Software (cut & paste + software) service levels. Read more about our service levels for subscriptions

Which products?

The service currently only includes products with prefixes NS, NS-EN, NS-EN ISO, NS-ISO, ISO, NORSOK, NEK og NEK EN.

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Software providers

As of 2021-11-08, Standard Online has a distribution agreement with these software providers:

Adept Concept

Get complete control over all regulations that the company must deal with so you can easily take care of this in daily operations.

Tribia AS – Interaxo

A template for simple and structured collection and control of facility management (FM) documentation in accordance with SN/TS 3456:2018. With enhanced access to this standard, you can take full advantage of the support Interaxo gives you in your collection of FM documentation.


Ties processes, risk assessments and other documentation closely to requirements in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. This is solved through advice and innovative digital solutions and close collaboration with customers.


Provides an integrated GRC platform for Risk & Compliance Management, enabling a shift from a compliance-driven focus to a risk-driven approach – aligned with business performance and strategy execution. Ask us how we have digitalized ISO standards to give you improved control, efficiency, and effectiveness.


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