Floating aquaculture farms

NS 9415 Floating aquaculture farms — Site survey, design, execution and use sets out requirements for floating aquaculture farms with the aim of preventing the escape of fish, and provides requirements for the design, construction and use of the aquaculture farms.

This standard stipulates requirements for:

  • Design, execution and use
  • Materials
  • Interaction between components
  • Site survey
  • Load, load effect and verification of resistance
  • Main components (enclosure, floater, raft and anchoring)
  • Extra equipment
  • User handbook (including inspection and maintenance)

NS 9415 will be fundamental for stakeholders in the aquaculture industry, such as authorities, supervisory bodies, designers, suppliers, actors within R&D and manufacturers, as well as aquaculture farm owners.

Technical requirements or operational tasks which are not relevant to the escape of fish are not included, such as personal safety and working environment, fish health or electrical installations.

NS 9415 and NYTEK22

Regulation on requirements for technical standards for aquaculture farms for fish in the ocean, lakes and watercourses (NYTEK22) refers to NS 9415 for the fulfilment of regulatory requirements for site survey, aquaculture farms, main components and extra equipment.

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