Rope access techniques – NS 9600

Working at height is part of many employees' everyday lives in several industries and businesses. In Norway, employees work at heights in the oil, power and construction industries. The same applies to the Armed Forces, the National Rail Administration and the air ambulance.

The NS 9600 standard series for access technology is available in six parts. The standards are intended to help prevent undesirable incidents through a system for training and certification of personnel, training organizations and companies that perform work with rope access methods.

The use of rope access methods/access techniques can lead to better safety, economy and professional quality than, for example, the use of scaffolding and cranes alone. Especially when it comes to jobs such as inspection and rigging of lifting equipment, working with ropes has clear advantages.

Rope access methods are often used in combination with other methods, such as when building/demolishing scaffolding or in combination with various simple platforms.

Access techniques also result in far fewer accidents and incidents than other methods of working at height. However, the method places greater demands on safety routines.

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