Old webshop discontinued March 1

We would like to inform you that our old website and webshop, which you can find at handle.standard.no, will be discontinued on March 1.


Please use our new website

If you are still using our old website, subscription solution, or similar for various reasons, it is time to transition to only using our new website, which you are currently on. 

If you are a subscription customer and wonder how to manage your subscription on the new website, please see our help pages for administrators.

Also, read our frequently asked questions page regarding the new subscription solution.

Accessing subscriptions on the new website 

If you have’t used your subscription on our new website yet there are some steps to fulil. To log in to your subscription on the new website, you must first create a new user. This also applies to those of you who had a user on the old website.

Learn more about how to log in to the new website

Forms on the old website 

If you or others in your organization have forms in progress and/or archived forms on our old website (handle.standard.no) that you wish to keep, these must be saved in your own systems before March 1st. 

Learn more about how to save forms