Appendix 3 – Price, price regulation and billing

This appendix was last updated 2023-11-06.

3.1 Price

The total compensation, i.e. the agreed price for products made available in this Agreement at the time of entering into an agreement, is set out in the Price offer.

Upon entering into the Agreement, the Buyer agrees that if the Buyer later changes the configuration of the Agreement, this will have an impact on the price.

3.2 Price Regulation 

Standard Online reserves the right to adjust prices annually as a result of normal price rises of standards and/or the price regulation of our purchase prices. Standard Online can also change prices at any time as a result of unforeseen prices from our suppliers as well as change discounts and discount structures.

3.3 Billing, when payments are due and interest on arrears

The initial billing takes place immediately after entering into an agreement and applies for the year of the agreement, which is identical to the calendar year unless another agreement period has been agreed. Standard payment terms and conditions are 20 days. In the event of late payment, interest will accrue in accordance with the Norwegian Act on Interest on Late Payments. If reminders are necessary, a reminder fee will be levied.

3.4 Value Added Tax

All prices are stated excluding VAT.