Appendix 2 – The scope of the agreement and general terms

This appendix was last updated 2023-11-06.

2.1 The scope of the agreement at the point of signing

The Agreement covers the facilitation and maintenance of licensed products under the limitations and terms specified in this Agreement. The products are labelled with a protected trademark in accordance with the Act of 26. March 2010 on Trademarks, and copyright-protected in accordance with the Norwegian Act on copyright of intellectual property etc. (Copyright Act) of 2018-06-15.
When new products are added to the subscription, it is deemed that Standard Online’s current terms and conditions have been accepted.

This Agreement follows Standard Online's conditions as they read at all times.
Current product prices and conditions are updated at

2.2 Standard Online Services and Obligations

Standard Online undertakes to ensure that the Service is available for the Customer at least 97% of the time.

Standard Online warrants that Standard Online and the Copyright Holder, provided that nothing else is stated in or on the Product, may license the Product and all copyrights and exploitation of the trademarks belonging to the Product. This warranty is the only warranty given for the Product.

2.3 Claims

If the Buyer wishes to declare a breach of contract, the Buyer must without undue delay submit a claim in writing.

2.4 Buyer’s Obligations

Copyright law applies. It is not possible without a written agreement (e.g. by having created an additional service for this) to copy, print, reproduce (all, or part) of our products either for use internally (own company) or for use / distribution externally (all other actors)

Breach of these obligations by the Buyer is deemed to be a material breach which entitles Standard Online to rescind the Agreement and to claim compensation proportional to the value of the lost sales. The same applies in the event of material payment default. Standard Online can shut down the Buyer’s subscription access in the event of non-payment, or if the Buyer in spite of written warning continues to use the Service in a manner that results in damage or inconvenience to Standard Online or a third party; for example, by using the Service in breach of the law or provisions of this Contract.

The period that the Service is shutdown will not be deducted from the invoice. Standard Online may also require payment from the Buyer for the remainder of the licensing period of any licensed products and related services.

2.5 Confidentiality

Competition-related information with which the Parties become acquainted as a result of this cooperation shall be treated as confidential. Any doubt as to whether the available information should be treated as confidential shall be clarified in consultation with the other Party.

2.6 Transfer

Rights or obligations arising from this Contract cannot be assigned or in other way transferred to another Party without the written permission of Standard Online. Standard Online’s rights and obligations may be freely assigned or transferred to others.

2.7 Duration of the Agreement (Agreement period)

The Agreement (Agreement period) is valid for two (2) years in addition to the year in which the Agreement is signed (see 1 Definitions). Thereafter the Agreement is automatically renewed for one (1) year at a time unless one of the Parties terminates the Agreement no later than 31. October in the year the agreement expires.

Products that have been in the subscription service for a shorter time than the license period, e.g. if they are removed from a current subscription or that the agreement terminates in its entirety, may be invoiced for the remaining part of the license period. In such a case, the invoice amount will be based on the total scope of the Agreement at the time the products are taken out of the subscription or if applicable, the agreement in its entirety terminates. Standard Online must have information about changes to the subscription content (including permanent changes to the number of forms in the subscription) by 31 October.

In any case, Standard Online may unilaterally terminate all or parts of this agreement at any time by giving 3 months’ notice.

2.8 Liability for damages

Standard Online, the Copyright Holder and their representatives, ("Liable Parties") are not liable to you, and you are obliged to indemnify all Liable Parties from all claims and costs (including costs for legal assistance) that can be attributed to personal or property damage, product liability, or other claims based on your, or your employees or agents, use of the Product.

In any event, Standard Online's liability is limited to the compensation paid in the last six (6) months before the liability event occurred.

2.9 Force majeure

If a situation arises that will make it difficult or unreasonably burdensome for a party to fulfil their obligations according to the Contact, the affected party shall be exempt from these obligations for as long as the situation persists, provided that the situation is considered force majeure under Norwegian law. The affected party shall without undue delay notify the other party of the matter, including which obligations are affected and how long the situation is expected to persist.

2.10 Other provisions

If a provision in the Agreement should be declared invalid for any reason, the Agreement shall be revised only to the extent necessary to make the Agreement valid, and such revision shall (i) not affect the validity of the invalid part in other contexts, or (ii) affect other parts of the Agreement.

2.11 Disputes

The agreed legal venue is Oslo District Court.