Appendix 1 – Definitions

This appendix was last updated 2021-06-17

1.1 Definitions

Licensed products can include Standards, eBook, eForms, Standards Collections and other products from various suppliers that the Buyer has included in their Web Subscription at any time.

Licensing period (for licensed products): The remainder of the calendar year in which the product was purchased + the two following calendar years.

Agreement period (for Web subscription): The remainder of the calendar year in which the agreement was entered into + the two following calendar years with the addition of any license period for licensed products purchased during the term of the agreement.

Web Subscription is a Service facilitated by Standard Online providing online access to the licensed products.

Copyright shall confer the exclusive right to “dispose of a literary, scientific or artistic work by producing permanent or temporary copies thereof and by making it available to the public, be it in the original or an altered form, in translation or adaptation, in another literary or artistic form, or by other technical means” –Standards, and other products delivered by Standard Online are literary works which are copyright protected in accordance with the Act on copyright of intellectual property etc. (Copyright Act) of 2018-06-15 Standards Norway adopts Norsk Standard, and Standard Online administers the rights for both the author and publisher. When you buy a standard or another product, you buy a copy of the standard; However, you do not buy the right to copy all or parts / individual elements of the standard for either your own or anyone else's use. If you need more copies, they must be purchased.  

DRM (Digital Rights Management) Products that are stored on or distributed via digital media are facilitated using DRM.

Downtime is the time during which the Service is not available for the Buyer.

Number of users. The number of users who can log on to the service.

Location A physical address where the service is to be available.