Printed and bound

The Printed and bound service is a physical product that is dispatched.

The goods are usually dispatched on the same working day or the first working day after ordering. Shipping charges apply for the delivery of standards in paper format. This delivery method is not available for all standards.

Estimated delivery time within the country is 2-5 business days, depending on the destination. It's preferable to order to a delivery address as the package often doesn't fit in mailboxes.

How to buy Printed and bound

  • To make a purchase via search result: Click on Add to cart, choose Single purchase and select the service/delivery method Printed and bound.
  • To make a purchase via a product page: Click on Single purchase, choose the service/delivery method Printed and bound and click on Add to cart.

Note: Users with a subscription must be granted the right to purchase outside of a subscription by the subscription administrator in order to make Single purchases.