Copyright Agreement

Our aim is to ensure that users know how to use standards. e.g. through requirements for goods and services, specification for buying and selling, rules for testing, certification, accreditation or through descriptions as the basis for compliance with national legislation and regulations. Production of standards is financed via selling them. Copying without permission undermines production of standards you and others could have made use of at a later date. Copying without permission is punishable by fines, prison and confiscation according to the Copyright Act.

It is not difficult to comply with the rules of the Copyright Act, but it does require remembering to ask for permission to use the property of others. The rules for exclusive rights to copyright are the same, regardless whether a standard, a guide or some other form of technical text is involved.

If you need to be able to reproduce a text, table or other excerpt from a standard, e.g. in a binder, course folder, brochure or web site, please contact Standard Online to purchase a permit. An alternative to reproduction, e.g. for a course, can be the purchase of several copies of the standard. Standard Online offers a bulk discount to training professionals.

Contact us for information about how to purchase a permit