Management and mandates

Sectorial Board Petroleum, Low carbon and Offshore renewables (by April 2024)

  • Rolf Hanekamhaug, Offshore Norge/Equinor (Chair)
  • Rolf W. Erichsen, Federation of Norwegian Industries/Aker Solutions (deputy chair)
  • Aud Nistov, Offshore Norge
  • Hans Urdahl, ConocoPhillips
  • Ole Jørgen Narvestad, Offshore Norge/Aker BP
  • Knut Erik Steen, Federation of Norwegian Industries
  • Anskar Resaland, Federation of Norwegian Industries/TechnipFMC
  • Aleksander Uthus, Federation of Norwegian Industries/IKM
  • Øyvind Jonassen, Norwegian Shipowners’ Association
  • John Einar Jørgenvåg, Norwegian Shipowners’ Association/DeepWater
  • Hilda Kjeldstad, Authorities/Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority (Havtil)
  • Jan Ketil Moberg, Authorities/Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority (Havtil)
  • Axel Stang Lund, Maritime Industry/DNV
  • Halvor Erikstein, The Norwegian Union of Energy workers (SAFE)
  • Øyvind Rongevær, The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO)
  • Frank Ove Opedal, Lederne (Union)/Aker BP
  • Åse Lunde, Standard Norge

The work of the Sectorboard, Expert Groups and Project Manager shall be organised and performed in accordance with the requirements described in the Sectorboard Mandate, Expert Group Mandate and Project Manager Mandate (all three mandates are published in Norwegian only).