Digital Price Inquiry – NS 3459

NS 3420 is used to prepare descriptions and quantity lists in connection with tender documentation, calculation of inquiries, and during the execution and finalization phases of construction projects. The standard is also used in some contexts in the operation and maintenance phase and in the restoration and rehabilitation of buildings and facilities. The standard contains requirements for materials and execution.

NS 3420 is one of the most important standards for the construction and civil engineering industry, and it is professionals from the Norwegian construction industry who develop the content of the standard. NS 3420 is referred to as a standard, but strictly speaking, it is a collection of many sub-standards. Sub-standard NS 3420-0 provides a general orientation on how the entire NS 3420 is hierarchically arranged with provisions at several levels and how the requirement points are structured into a)-, b)-, c)-, d)-, e)-, x)-, and y)-points.