NORSOK D-002 Well intervention equipment, is considered for revision

NORSOK D-002 is undergoing a regular systematic review to ensure the quality of the standard. The industry is hereby invited to give feedback on whether the standard should be confirmed as is, or if it should be revised.

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The current version of NORSOK D-002 was published January 2020. To ensure that the standard holds sufficient quality, it is important to assess the need for revision on a regular basis. Standards Norway is now requesting feedback from users of the standard, on whether it should be confirmed for another five years, if it should be revised, or if it should be withdrawn from the market. 

This PDF shows the standard's table of contents, scope and normative references 

If the conclusion is to revise the standard, input from users on areas that need corrections, additions, or revisions are highly valuable, as well as nominations of experts from the industry that are interested in participating in the revision team.

You can read more about participating in standardization here: Delta i standardisering (Norwegian only). 

Give your Feedback 

To submit your feedback, please use this form: Systematic Review of NORSOK D-002:2020 Well intervention equipment

Deadline: 2. April 2024

The standard can be purchased through the link at the bottom of this page, and the scope of the standard is included below.

Scope of NORSOK D-002:2020: 

" This document provides design requirements for well intervention surface equipment common across all exploration and production companies and service companies operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. 

The standard defines what is considered typical and ordinary well intervention equipment. New equipment, special operations and operations in certain environments may require additional requirements and specifications. These specific additions are excluded from the standard and should be addressed in the risk assessment of the specific job.  

The general requirements in clauses 5 and 6 of this standard also apply to well intervention equipment falling outside traditional snubbing, coiled tubing and wireline." 

For more information, please contact project manager in Standards Norway Per-Thorbjørn Rygh.


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