Standard sales conditions

Standard Sales Conditions for the webshop for the sale of goods.


These sales conditions apply to the sale of all goods from Along with an order placed with the webshop, confirmed by an order confirmation, they represent the combined contractual basis for the sale. The conditions are numbered consecutively in the event of changes. We will store details of which version of the Sales conditions that are applicable to your order. In order to shop at your business must be registered as a customer in our webshop. Business transactions are regulated by the Sale of Goods Act, Personal Data Act, E-Commerce Act and Credit Purchases Act.

1. The Parties

Vendor: Standard Online AS, business address: Mustads vei 1, 0283 Oslo, postal address: P.O. Box 252, 1326 Lysaker, registered in the Brønnøysund register ( under 983 615 031, telephone: +47 67 83 87 00, telefax: +47 67 83 87 01, e-mail:, and referred to in the following as “we”, “us” or “vendor”. Buyer is: the company designated as Buyer on the order, and referred to in the following as “you”, “yours” or the Buyer.

2. Making a purchase in the webshop

In order to help you when ordering/shopping in our webshop, we have collected information on the purchasing process, etc., in our shopping guide.

3. Ordering and contract process

Your order is binding when the order is registered with us. We are similarly bound by your order if it does not differ from that offered by us in our webshop, promotional material or in some other way. When we receive your order, it will automatically be confirmed. Order confirmation and receipts for payment by credit card will be displayed on the screen and sent to your registered e-mail address. Please review your order confirmation thoroughly upon receipt and check that it complies with the order.

3.1 Invoice labelling

If you require a purchase order no./order no. or other information to be added to the invoice from Standard Online, this must be provided when ordering.

4. Data entered in the webshop

We strive to provide our customers with information on our products that is correct as possible. We cannot however be held liable for textual and printing errors, which can entail that we cannot deliver in accordance with the information given in our webshop, our promotional materials or in some other way. We furthermore reserve the right to cancel an order or part of the same if the product is sold out. In the event of a product being out of stock, we will notify you.

5. Prices

Standard Online has fixed prices for the goods and services on offer. All prices are stated exclusive of value added tax and service fees. The total cost including VAT for the purchase will be stated before ordering, and will include all charges related to the purchase, such as carriage, packaging etc.

6. Payment

The purchase price may be settled by credit card or invoice. When using a credit card, the purchase price will be deducted from your card when placing the order. A service charge will be charged for delivery by post depending on the number of products and weight of the shipment. Special rates apply to deliveries abroad. An invoice will be issued upon dispatch and is due for payment 20 days from the invoice date. If the invoice is not paid by the due date, interest shall accrue in conformity with the Interest on Delayed Payments Act. If reminders must be sent, a reminder fee will be levied. Unpaid overdue invoices will be referred to debt collection without prior notification.

7. Consumer purchase

7.1 Payment

Deliveries to private customers must be paid by credit card. Goods may in special circumstances be sent C.O.D. This must be agreed upon with one of our sales representatives. Private customers have a right of cancellation in accordance with the Act relating to a cooling-off period in connection with certain contracts for consumer purchases etc. The cancellation form may be downloaded using the link at the bottom of the page, and is also attached to dispatches to private customers.

7.2 Right of cancellation

Standard Online produces the standards according to order. This means that we do not produce more than we sell. This also has environmental benefits. As the products are made to order, they cannot be returned. If you are a consumer, you have certain special rights, namely a 14 day right of cancellation. However, this may be restricted. If the product is specifically produced for you, you must cover the costs for actual work and materials, as production commences before expiry of the right of cancellation. As this process is entirely automated, production cannot be deferred. If you are ordering standards that are to be printed, the right to cancellation may be restricted. If you are ordering standards for printing yourself, the right to cancellation is waived when the standard is printed.

8. Conditions for course registrations

  • Registration for courses is binding. Any cancellations must be made in writing. In case of cancellation there will be a charge of 20% of the course fee, with a minimum amount of
    NOK 500.

    In case of cancellation later than:
    14 days before the course the charge is 50% of the course fee

7 days before the course the course fee is charged in full

Paid spaces may freely be used by other participants from the same company. Written notification is required. We reserve the right to cancel or change the programme in the event of circumstances beyond our control.

9. Delivery and delay

Products will be delivered in the manner stated on the order confirmation.
If delivery of products is delayed, we will provide notification as soon as we are aware of it, along with details of when delivery can be made, or whether the products are out of stock. Depending on the nature of the product and length of delay, you can withhold payment (depending on the circumstances), demand delivery, claim compensation or cancel the order.

9.1 Electronic delivery of paper standards

If ordering delivery as a PDF file for printing on your own printer, the file will be delivered immediately to the customer's “My Page.” The PDF format is used. The number of copies that have been ordered may then be printed. The products are available for print for 7 days after purchase. When printed, the files are deleted from "My Page". The files can not be downloaded and saved on your computer permanently.
Invoices are sent by post.

10. Checking products

Check that a delivery complies with the order confirmation, for damage during transport or for any defects or deficiencies as soon as possible after delivery.

11. Responsibility for errors in standards

All of our deliveries are based on a digital original, ordinarily in PDF format, regardless of whether the delivery is digital or on paper. All efforts have been made to ensure that the PDF files are in accordance with Adobe’s specifications. Standard Online cannot assume responsibility if they do not display or print correctly on the customer's equipment. Standard Online AS sells products produced by others and assumes no responsibility for the content of the standards. Nor are we responsible for deficiencies and costs that may arise as a result of using the standards.

12. Your rights in the event of defects or deficiencies (warranty claim)

Warranty claims must be submitted within a reasonable period after they are observed or should have been observed. If the products have defects or deficiencies, you can demand remedy of the defect, replacement, price reduction, compensation or cancellation of the purchase. Defects must be present when the product enters into your possession. Notification of defects and deficiencies concerning the products can be made to us verbally or in writing. We recommend that warranty claims are submitted in writing for the sake of evidence. We will confirm receipt of all warranty claims in writing, including receipt of goods returned to us for inspection or repair.

13. Return of goods

Products that have been produced to order cannot be returned (Print on Demand, POD). This applies to most of our products, regardless of supplier. Products that are not produced POD are indicated by item in the webshop. Standards and publications from other countries are not stocked by Standard Online, and must be specially ordered by us in accordance with your order. Consequently, returns cannot be accepted. In the event of a cancelled order for stock items, we will accept them in return providing notification has been received before the due date for payment. In such instances, the buyer will be liable for all costs associated with carriage etc., and that the goods are in new condition when received by Standard Online. Returns due to breakage, shortages or incorrect delivery must be reported to Standard Online within 8 working days of receipt. All returns must be approved in advance by Standard Online (e-mail: or tel. +47 67 83 87 00) to agree method of dispatch. Only defects caused by Standard Online (incorrect products, incorrect delivery or warranty claims concerning quality) can give grounds for return. If a defect is caused by the customer, freight charges and 20% of the value of the goods supplied will be charged.

14. Personal data

In principle, we only process business details advised to us and which are necessary for us to fulfil our undertakings to your company. In some instances we process business details that also contain personal details for other purposes. This may for example be to send information on offers/information that is relevant to your purchases, etc. by email or as information by post. We will never divulge your personal details to other parties. Persons who have personal information processed by us may at any time view the information, correct erroneous information, or have the information blocked or deleted. Contact

15. Proprietary rights

The Vendor retains the proprietary rights of products supplied until the purchase price including interest and costs has been paid in full.

16. Disputes

The parties shall seek to resolve any disputes reasonably. If a dispute is not reasonably resolved between the parties, Oslo district court shall be the court of venue.