Search tips

Zero hits on your search, or can't find what you are looking for? Here are some tips on how to adjust your search to get a better search result.

Zero hits on search?

  • Search without year
  • Search only the standard's number without NS, ISO, EN, etc.
  • Ensure words are spelled correctly
  • Try different words with the same meaning
  • Use fewer keywords

Search Tips

1: Search only with the standard number

Standards with parts defined by numbers, letters , etc. often use different characters between numbers and number/letter combinations, depending on supplier. If you don't get what you were looking for try only searching the "main number" and refine your search later. For example, search for only 8405 instead of 8405a , 8405-a or 8405.a.

2: Try other inflections and endings of words

The search engine handles not always different inflections and endings of words. Try therefore other inflections of your keywords if you do not get hit on what you expected.

3: Narrow your search results

You can refine your search by selecting functions under "Narrow results " over the search results, so that the sample gets smaller.

4: Search only for standards in your subscription

Choose to see the search results within your subscription only (applicable for logged in subscription customers). Go to My products where you can search within your subscription and narrow search results. 

How does our search work?

Our search priorities are simply explained this way:

  • Hits in standard number
  • Hits in the title of standards and content
  • Hits in the content of the website otherwise
  • Hits in withdrawn standards

The results are prioritized by relevance, how often your search term occurs in the relevant standard or content in general.