National strategy for digitalization of LCI exchange

This document outlines the national strategy for digitalization of LCI exchange and includes strategic roadmapping and foundational principles and mechanisms necessary to govern this process.

Central to the national digitalization strategy is to establish national standards for structured and machine-readable LCI. These standards will be based upon relevant existing international and/or national standards or best practices, where such are available, further develop standards when necessary, and offer additions back to the relevant standardization bodies upon completion. However, instead of developing standards and digital solutions that implement these standards independently, this strategy offers an approach to standardization where standards are adapted and expanded as part of developing digital solutions that deliver short-term business value. Such digital solutions need to be developed through multiple parallel digitalization initiatives. Acknowledging that these initiatives will be formally and practically independent of each other, the national strategy offers mechanisms for orchestrating among such initiatives through strategic roadmapping. Grounded in a set of foundational principles, strategic roadmapping is a recurring process of updating and adjusting a shared roadmap for digitalization of LCI exchange throughout the Norwegian energy industry, including oil & gas and renewables.

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