LOADS JIP and NORSOK N standards

A LOADS JIP and a HSE study has been performed in the international community raising a question regarding needs for an immediate revision of some NORSOK Offshore structure standards (EG N). The main objective of the NORSOK review was to align the LOADS JIP and the HSE study with our requirements and give recommendations regarding possible updates of the NORSOK N-standards.

A working group with relevant expertise was established for these evaluations. All the LOADS JIP reports were made available to the working group. Moreover, the committee also received a presentation by Chris Swan and Richard Gibson of the findings from the LOADS JIP. Further, the review included the Guidance on Extreme Environmental Loading issued by OCG (OCG-50-04-23E November 2020) as a follow-up project to the LOADS JIP, part of the publicly available HSE reports. A major challenge in this evaluation is to estimate the wave-in-deck loading we also received a presentation of the event matching method by Thomas B. Johannesen of DNV.

The committee has reviewed the main findings of the LOADS JIP and provided recommendations regarding possible inclusion of these items in the NORSOK standards. An overview of the findings of the LOADS JIP, the committee evaluation and the possible need for updates of the NORSOK N-standards are provided in the document. Please follow the link to access the document “Shall N-003 and N-006 be updated as a result of findings in LOADS JIP? Conclusions from the evaluation committee”.

If you have any questions regarding this report and the findings, please contact Team Petroleum at Standards Norway.