M-650 Qualification of manufacturers of special materials (Rev. 4, September 2011)

This NORSOK standard establishes a set of qualification requirements to verify that the manufacturer has sufficient competence and experience of the relevant material grades, and necessary facilities and equipment to manufacture these in the required shapes and sizes with acceptable properties.

This standard is applicable to the following material grades and product forms:

a) Duplex SS: all grades, product forms and dimensions
b) High alloyed austenitic SS: all grades, product forms and dimensions
c) Nickel base alloys: castings
d) Titanium and its alloys: castings

This NORSOK standard is also applicable to critical components or product forms in other materials and for special manufacturing/fabrication processes, e.g. titanium and nickel alloys in other product forms than casting, carbon steel and  low alloy steel products and induction/cold bending.

This edition replaces NORSOK M-650, Rev. 3.

The main changes in Edition 4 are related to the following items:

  • clarification of scope;
  • definitions included or changed for Company, equalization time, heat sink, holding time, main contractor, manufacturer, Qualifying Company, soak time and test directions;
  • clarification of responsibilities;
  • clarification of transitional arrangements between Revision 3 and Edition 4 of this NORSOK standard;
  • more stringent requirements to manufacturers knowledge;
  • requirements to test laboratories and manufacturers of welded products included;
  • type of etchants to be used and preparation of samples for micro examination, as applicable, shall be stated in the Manufacturing Summary;
  • new clause about heat treatment with requirements to equipment, heat treatment procedure and verification of heat treatment procedure;
  • changes in essential variables of the qualification tests especially regarding manufacturing equipment, heat treatment, hipped products and start material;
  • changes in test requirements for flanges, other type of forgings, plates, rolled bars and valves machined from forgings;
  • changes in extent and requirements to additional testing at mid-thickness for bars, forgings and hipped (HIP) products;
  • otherwise editorial changes for clarification.


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