Communication guideline

The Petroleum Sector web site gives you possibility to get in touch with experts and to communicate your proposals in order to improve the knowledge of the branch.


On each Expert group page for the NORSOK standards you will find an e-mail link to the Project manager. The project manager will forward the e-mail to the Committee chairman responsible for the group of standards. You will thereafter receive an answer provided by the most qualified person. If you have a more general question you can use the same link, or send an e-mail directly to the Project manager for standardisation in the petroleum sector. The e-mail will be filed in order to collect and use all experiences for later updates of the standard.

Please note that all experts are normally heavy loaded with work in their parent company, consequently it may take some time to get a proper answer.

Experiences and Proposals

Your experiences and proposals are valuable in the development of standards. Therefore you are asked to send inn your comments. Please use the same link as for sending questions. Your experiences and proposals will be taken into consideration by the next revision of the standard.