ISO 10508:2006

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Status: Check Gyldig
Norsk tittel: Plastics piping systems for hot and cold water installations — Guidance for classification and design
Engelsk tittel: Plastics piping systems for hot and cold water installations — Guidance for classification and design
Varetype: Standard
Språk: Engelsk
Utgave: 2 (2006-03-17)
Erstatter: ISO 10508:1995 Alert Tilbaketrukket
Antall sider: 9

NOK 1 176,00 (eks. mva)
NOK 1 470,00 (ink. mva)

Omfang: <p>This International Standard gives guidance for the classification and design of hot and cold water pressure systems which use plastics pipes and plastics or metal fittings.</p><p>It establishes a classification system for common service conditions for pressurized hot and cold water systems. It gives a basis for evaluation and design of thermoplastics pipes and fittings in relation to the system performance requirements.</p><p>It applies to plastics piping systems used to carry water</p><list list-type="alpha-lower"><list-item><label>a)</label><p>in distribution systems of hot and cold water, including potable water, and</p></list-item><list-item><label>b)</label><p>in transportation systems of hot water for heating,</p></list-item></list><p>under design pressures up to at least 10 bar <xref ref-type="fn" rid="fn_1"><sup>1)</sup></xref> at 20 °C and up to 10 bar at temperatures according to the class of application (see <xref ref-type="table" rid="tab_1">Table 1</xref>).</p><p>For values of <italic><styled-content style="font-family:Times New Roman">T</styled-content></italic><sub>D</sub>, <italic><styled-content style="font-family:Times New Roman">T</styled-content></italic><sub>max</sub> and <italic><styled-content style="font-family:Times New Roman">T</styled-content></italic><sub>mal</sub> in excess of those in <xref ref-type="table" rid="tab_1">Table 1</xref>, this International Standard is not applicable.</p><p>Acceptance of any pipe(s) and/or fitting(s) made from a specific grade of material is subject to the relevant product or systems standard and the requirements detailed there.</p>
Fastsatt: 2006-03-17
ICS: 23.040.45 - Rørdeler av plast
23.040.20 - Plastrør
91.140.60 - Vannforsyningssystemer