Manage subscription

In this user guide we will go through the various features available for the administrator of a web subscription.

1Go to your subscription

To go to your subscription, click on the blue "Subscription" tab:


2The administrator menu

The administrator menu can be found in the top right hand corner when you are inside your subscription:


3Company settings

Under company settings you have the following options:

You choose whether all users need to log in with a username and password. 

You can set up a «user template» so that new users automatically are given the settings you have determined. 

You can turn on the “Send shopping cart” feature to enable users without purchasing privileges to send a shopping cart to you or other administrators.  


4Edit categories

The «Edit categories» menu makes it possible for you to organize the standards in categories of your own choice.

Enter the name of your category and click «Add»:



Next, search for the standards you wish to categorize, and click «Edit»: 



Finally, choose a category and contact person (both must be selected) and click on the «Save» button:


5Edit messages

The «Edit message» section makes it possible to create important messages for the users of the subscription:



Remember to check the box titled «Show this message to your company’s users»


«My invoices» gives you an overview of the invoices sent to your customer number:



Note! Some customers have an invoice reception system with its own customer number. If this is the case, “My invoices” will only display invoices belonging to the customer number of the invoice reception.

7Manage users

In this section you can set the access level of users, register new users, edit users and assign roles:


8Register new user

New user registration includes first name, middle name (if applicable), family name and email address.



Webshop access indicates which access level a user should have. When registering a new user, you can choose from the following roles:

Single purchase
The user can access standards in the subscription, but cannot add new standards. He or she can purchase standards separate from the subscription. The company will be billed for these purchases.

No purchasing privileges
The user can read the standards in the subscription only. 

The user is given full administrator privileges.  

Note! If the user is to be allowed to print a standard, you must check the «Allow print» box. 

As a subscription administrator you must allow/limit access to the eForms service, if eForms is part of your company’s subscription. 


In the "scope" menu you have two options:

You can choose for the user to have access to «All» forms. This means the user can read/edit all forms – including those created by other users.

If you choose for the user to have access to «personal» forms, he or she will only be able to access forms he or she has created. 

9Number of hits per page

The «Number of hits per page» menu enables you to choose how many hits are displayed on the search result page. The options are 10, 20 and 50:

10Sent shopping carts

This menu gives you an overview of the shopping carts that users in your subscription have submitted. You can edit, delete or approve the submitted shopping cart:


11Show number of printouts

The «Show number of printouts» menu displays the number of printouts left per standard, and gives you the option to buy more copies.

We recommend you check this section regularly to ensure that the users always have sufficient prinouts available.


12Show status on eForms

The «Show status on eForms» menu displays the forms that have less than 10 copies left. You can add extra copies here – the minimum being 10.



For an overview of your eForms, go to the “Subscriptions” tab, then click on "eForms"  and "Available".



Click on "Status" to show valid eForms. You can also buy new forms from this menu should you not have any left.