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You can order the delivery of standards in several ways.

Single purchase

Once you've found the standard you want to buy, click on one of the purchase buttons to add the variety to the cart.

Buttons for single purchase:

Single puchase buttons - Webprint and Printed and bound


Delivered electronically in PDF format (Adobe), to print from your own printer. You cannot save such electronic standards (PDF) permanent on your PC. You must print out the number of copies of the standard you have ordered.

The standards are available for 7 days on "My page" for download and printing.
The files can not be downloaded and saved on your computer permanently, as they will be blocked 24 hours after downloading.

PS: Print to File will use up a print-out and files will be blocked after a short time.
Printed and bound:
You can also opt to have them delivered as "Printed and bound". Standards ordered are usually despatched the same working day or the first working day after ordering. A service charge will be made for supplying standards in print.

You can also order standards via your subscription. Read more 
about our subscription services.



These are our subscription options - this will appear only if you have a subscription and are logged in:

Subscrition buttons - Web and Paper


Web Subscription
Provides digital product where you have products always available and updated via our website.

Paper subscription
Printed and bound products delivered via mail, new updated editions are delivered via mail.

Read more about our subscription services.

Please note that some standards are only available on paper. 

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