Problems opening locked forms in your subscription

If you search after a form in the search engine after name or reference this error message can occur:

When you open a form the following error message can occur:

Error message eForms


This happens when someone has opened the form, but not closed it correctly.

Locked forms can only be opened by the user which it is locked to. The document is locked if the user closes the e-form via the junction at the top right of your browser or click on the back button on your browser - proper termination of e-forms is to click "Cancel" or "Save and Close".

Even an administrator of the subscription will not be able to open the form in these cases.

If a form is correctly closed, it will not lock. 

If you cannot find the forms by searching for them you can sort your forms by using the tabs above each column, either by name, modified date or reference. Remember to press the "Show all" if you have performed a search (to remove the search).
To find the forms use the arrows at the bottom of the page, to browse your forms. To increase number of hits per page choose 30 or 50 from the dropdown menu.