eForms is our web-based system where you can easily fill out the forms you choose online. The eForms system requires no installation. You can save the forms so that you can edit and reuse them, and you can organize your forms based on projects. We provide different solutions for different users.

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Single purchase

A single purchase of forms can be done without signing an eForms agreement- If you only wish to purchase a single form, you can find it easily using the search function. Ordered forms will be available on "My Page" for 3 months after the purchase date. 


Should your company wish for your employees to have a common access point to all forms, we highly recommend you sign up for an eForm subscription. With a subscription you can always be sure that you are using the latest, valid version of the forms.
When forms are withdrawn and replaced by new ones, you will be able to continue filling out the forms you have already started. If you start on a new form, however, the latest version is automatically chosen. In order to use this service you must sign up for the eForm subscription service.

Read more about prices and the eForm subscription service for companies

Project module - simplifies your workday

With the project module in the eForm system, you can stay organized by archiving your forms in different projects, even after you have started filling out the form. The project module is a useful tool for subscribers who use several eForms simultaneously for different jobs and projects, as it groups together forms from various jobs.

The project module is an add-on function to the eForms subscription.

  • You get an overview of which forms you have used in your different projects. Often times you may need to work on the same form in different projects. With the project module we make it possible to easily distinguish between the various forms you are working on.
  • Organize your forms according to which projects you use them in.
  • You can save any completed forms in your own systems (for instance Quality Management Systems).


New forms based on the Planning and Building Act of July 1. 2010. All forms are available electronically. Counties can print PDFs according to the needs of the inhabitants of the county. We have created a platform that is available through third party vendors, but also offer it ourselves. Please feel free to contact salg@standard.no should you have any questions regarding this platform.

eForms in English

The following selection of construction forms is now available in English: 8401, 8403 A, 8405 A, B and C, 8406 A, B and C, 8407 A, B and C, 8415 A, B and C, 8416 A, B and C, 8417 A, B and C.

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