Certification and approvals

Question: Can Standards Norway assist in providing a certificate or statement confirming that a material, product, design, manufacturing process or service complies with the requirements of the relevant NORSOK standards?

Standards Norway does not provide any certification services and do not perform any prequalification or approval of products or services.

The majority of the NORSOK standards contain no explicit requirements for certification or verification.

Quality assurance activities carried out and documented by the manufacturer/supplier himself are the principal means to ensure compliance with standards.

When oil and gas companies or contractors have nominated a manufacturer for deliveries to specific projects, or entered into frame agreements, this normally implies that the manufacturer is considered as qualified.

Some customers may request certificates or approvals additional to those issued by the manufacturers/suppliers. In such cases the manufacturers /suppliers can make use of certification services from recognised, independent third party organisations.

Standards Norway does not keep a register of such organisations.

Standards Norway does not maintain any registers of products or suppliers for which a verification/certification/approval process have been conducted.

Last updated: 2013-10-21