NEK TS 606:2016

NEK TS 606 is a specification that covers the basic requirements for halogen free and/or mud resistant low and high voltage power, control, lighting, instrumentation, and telecommunication, optical fibre cables, Hydro Carbon Fire resistant (HCF) cables and Jet Fire (JF) resistant cables.

This is edition 5.0 that supersedes NEK TS 606:2009.

Cables for offshore installations – Halogen-free low smoke and flame-retardant / fire-resistant (HFFR-LS)

NEK TS 606 specifies a number of cable types, generally based on the IEC 60092 -350, -360 and -370 series, intended for use on offshore installations. The purpose of the Technical Specification is to give the user a selection of cables, which meets the requirements for installation on mobile and fixed offshore units.

NEK TS 606 lists Enhanced oil resistance test and Mud resistance test with more demanding requirements than IEC 60092-360:2014. NEK TS 606 also describes test methods for hydrocarbon (HC) fire resistant cables and Jet Fire (JF) resistant cables.

The predecessor of the Technical Specification was the publication “Recommended Practice for Specification of Cables”, issued by the Norwegian Oil Industry Association” (OLF). The background for that specification was the need of the industry to limit and standardize the number of cable types being used by the offshore industry in the late 1980s. The responsibility for the standard was taken over by the Norwegian Electrotechnical Committee (NEK), and the first edition was issued by NEK as “Norwegian electrotechnical standard” NEK 606 in 1993.

Saves time and resources

The publications consist of a complete set of specifications customized for offshore environments. By using the specification the contractor does not need to make similar specification, which saves time, resources and the need for specialized competence is less needed.

NEK TS 606:2016

Last updated: 2016-02-09

NEK TS 606:2022


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Cables for offshore installations - Halogen-free low smoke flame-retardant / fire-resistant (HFFR-LS)

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