Maintenance on an Oil rig in the North Sea

NORSOK N-005 and N-006 for revision?

A possible upcoming revision of NORSOK N-005 “In-service integrity management of structures and marine systems” and N-006 “Assessment of structural integrity for existing offshore load-bearing structures” is announced.

You can comment on the content in our enquiry portal. After the review period is over a mandate will be established and the revision may start in Q1-2023.

The two documents may merge into one new document. Please note that this public commenting period is the first step for the NORSOK EG N committee in a revision process. Kindly use the portal to advise the experts on topics that needs a rewrite or an improvement. Link to the documents you will find on «Standarder på høring» (Standards for enquiry). The review closes on 1 November 2022.

Link to N-005

Link to N-006

Last updated: 2022-09-12