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New edition of NORSOK N-004 Design of offshore structures

This NORSOK standard specifies guidelines and requirements for design and documentation of offshore structures. The 2022 edition was published in July.

NORSOK N-004 has been extended with new normative Annex F - Special design provisions for topsides structures.

The design principles in NORSOK N-004 follow the requirements in NORSOK N-001 Integrity of offshore structures and NS-EN ISO 19900 General requirements for offshore structures. The document is applicable to all type of offshore structures made of steel with a specified minimum yield strength less or equal to 500 MPa and for topside structures in steel and aluminium.

The document is supported by NORSOK M-101:2013/A1:2022 Annex H - Execution of bolted connections and Annex I - Calibration test for preloaded bolting assemblies. This amendment will be published upon final approval (possibly 2022-10-01). The draft can be obtained by sending an e-mail to petroleum@standard.no.

Last updated: 2022-09-12

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Design of offshore structures

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