5th ISO Seminar on International Standardization in the Reliability Technology and Cost Area

ISO/TC 67 Vision: International Standards Used Locally Worldwide

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COMET - COEUR DÉFENSE, 100 Esplanade du général de Gaulle, Courbevoie 92240, France (close to TotalEnergies offices at La Défense, Paris)

Date and Time

Thursday, December 1, 2022, 12:00-18:00 hours CET (advance registration required).

Seminar Overview

The ISO/Technical Committee 67/Working Group 4 (ISO TC 67/WG 4) - "Reliability engineering and technology" which is responsible for reliability and cost related ISO standards in the field of oil & gas industry, including petrochemical and lower carbon energy activities invites to this seminar. This event organized in collaboration with IOGP and TotalEnergies as host will offer a unique opportunity for these industries and others to learn how existing and new multi-disciplinary international ISO standards are enablers for cost-efficiency, risk reduction, and minimizing carbon footprint. Similar seminars have previously been held in USA (2018), Netherlands (2017), Norway (2016), and Brazil (2014).

The objective will be to provide an overview and status of standards developed and demonstration of industry applications. During the seminar, focus will be given to the following:

  • ISO 14224 - Collection and exchange of reliability and maintenance data for equipment
  • ISO 20815 - Production assurance and reliability management
  • ISO/TR 12489 - Reliability modelling and calculation of safety systems
  • ISO 19008 - Standard cost coding system for oil and gas production and processing facilities

Target Group

The seminar is aimed for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries, and also lower carbon energy arena (e.g., offshore wind, CCS and hydrogen), and personnel amongst Operators, Contractors and Vendors working across various life cycle phases.

The attendees can be within engineering/technical, safety, operational/maintenance, cost estimation and information technology areas in such companies, also including drilling contractors, engineering and construction firms, equipment manufacturers, safety and reliability consultancies, certification bodies, regulatory and safety authorities, research and development. The multi-disciplinarity of the ISO standards being presented are also relevant to other industry sectors to exchange industry learning and challenges.


Advance registration is required. Please RSVP by Wednesday 23 November 2022 to Seminar Host Nicolas Clavé (TotalEnergies S.E., France) by email nicolas.clave@totalenergies.com, with your name, company affiliation, job title, country, and your telephone number. Please also indicate if you will be joining the lunch. Final confirmation and further practical details (e.g., location details and personal ID needs) will be informed to you after the deadline for registration.


11:45 Registration
12:15 Lunch
Session 1 Management of standards development and use in an energy transition context
Session chair: Runar Østebø, Advisor (Equinor) and ISO/TC 67/WG 4 Convenor
13:15 Welcome address by TotalEnergies management
  • Thierry Chevrot, Head of Referential & Standardization department and TotalEnergies’s representative to IOGP Standards Committee
13:20 Keynote speeches ISO/TC67 - International standardization in the field of the oil & gas industry, including petrochemical and lower carbon energy activities
  • Françoise van den Brink, NEN, ISO/TC 67 Standards Committee Manager
IOGP Update
  • Inigo Del Busto, Standards and Referential Harmonization Project Manager, TotalEnergies’s representative to IOGP Standards Committee
13:50 Updated and latest news from international standardization
  • Runar Østebø, Advisor (Equinor) and ISO/TC 67/WG 4 Convenor
Session 2 Cost management in the energy industries
Session chair: Nicolas Clavé, Reliability Specialist (TotalEnergies), ISO/TC 67/WG 4 Expert
14:05 ISO 19008:2016: Benefits of a standard cost coding system
  • Frode K. Landerud, Leading Engineer (Equinor) and ISO/TC 67/WG 4/PG 5 Interim Leader
14:20 ISO 20815: A need for more integration within economic assessments
  • Alain Leroy, Expert in Dependability (Ex-TotalEnergies and Ex-CEO of Fractal Système) 
14:40 Coffee Break
Session 3 Digitalized applications for equipment performance using quality data based on ISO 14224
Session chair: Runar Østebø, Advisor (Equinor) and ISO/TC 67/WG 4 Convenor
14:50 Offshore & onshore REliability DAta (OREDA®) collection – OREDA JIP current challenges and presentation of the new digital handbook: OREDA@Cloud
  • Nicolas Clavé, Reliability Specialist (TotalEnergies), OREDA JIP Steering Committee Chairman and ISO/TC 67/WG 4 Expert
15:10 Implementing ISO 14224 taxonomy and equipment model in WellMaster Reliability Management System
  • Hans Peter Jenssen, Principal Consultant (Peloton) 
15:30 RAPID-S53 - Well control system performance improvement through data sharing
  • Michael J Kucharski, Project Manager RAPID-S53 (IADC)
15:50 Coffee Break
Session 4 ISO/TC67/WG4 standards as enablers to meet safety requirements
Session chair: Jon Tømmerås Selvik, Sr. Research Scientist (NORCE)
16:00 Usefulness of reliability test information for production assurance and reliability management
  • Jon Tømmerås Selvik, Sr. Research Scientist (NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS) and Technical Editor of ISO 14224 and ISO 20815
16:20 Review of the calculation methods of ISO/TR 12489 for the probability of failure of safety-related systems Engineer (Research & Innovation Center for Energy, GRTgaz) and ISO/TC 67/WG 4/PG 3 Interim Leader  

Reliability data needs for functional safety analysis

  • Stefan Isaksen, Principal Advisor (Safetec) and ISO/TC 67/WG 4 Expert 

LOPA method: Simplified approaches versus advanced calculation methods

  • Olivier Iddir, Risk quantification engineer (Technip Energies)
17:20 Interactive session between speakers and audience
Session chairs: Runar Østebø (Equinor) - Nicolas Clavé (TotalEnergies)
17:50 Concluding remarks by ISO/TC67/WG4 Convenor and Seminar Host
18:00 Closure of seminar

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