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More about ISO Seminar on International Standardization in the Reliability Technology and Cost Area - presentations

NORSOK M-501:2022 Surface protection and protective coating, edition 7, was published in November 2022.


More about New edition of NORSOK M-501 is published

A LOADS JIP and a HSE study has been performed in the international community raising a question regarding needs for an immediate revision of some NORSOK Offshore structure standards (EG N). The main objective of the NORSOK review was to align the LOADS JIP and the HSE study with our requirements and give recommendations regarding possible updates of the NORSOK N-standards.


More about LOADS JIP and NORSOK N standards

NORSOK R-001:2017 Mechanical equipment, edition 4, is on systematic review and pre-enquiry, closing November 20th.


More about NORSOK R-001 Mechanical equipment on systematic review

NORSOK M-101 Structural steel fabrication, edition 6, is published for public enquiry until November 29th.


More about NORSOK M-101 published for public enquiry

At the Norwegian petroleum fair ONS in 2022, three key actors in connection to standardization for the petroleum industry were interviewed. Here you can see the interviews.


More about Why standards for petroleum industry?

An upcoming revision of NORSOK I-001 Field instrumentation, is announced.


More about NORSOK I-001 is subject for revision


More about 5th ISO Seminar on International Standardization in the Reliability Technology and Cost Area

The ISO standardization committee on petroleum, IOGP’s Standards Committee and Standards Norway hosted the standardization session “Standardization accelerates value creation in the Oil and Gas Sector - Energy transition” at ONS 2022 in Stavanger Tuesday 30 August. Here you can find the presentations from the session.


More about Presentations from Standardization session at ONS 2022

A possible upcoming revision of NORSOK N-005 “In-service integrity management of structures and marine systems” and N-006 “Assessment of structural integrity for existing offshore load-bearing structures” is announced.


More about NORSOK N-005 and N-006 for revision?
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