Norwegian aquaculture facility
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The standard for floating aquaculture facilities in English

The Norwegian standard NS 9415 Floating Aquaculture provide requirements for the design, construction and use of aquaculture facilities. The latest version – published in Norwegian in 2021 – is now available in English.

NS 9415 was published in both Norwegian and English when it was published for the first time in 2003. It has been popular ever since, but developments in the industry have been significant and the publication have evolved and adapted. The overall goal of the 2021 edition was to maintain the required level of safety and at the same time state best practice where there was previously room for discretion.

The overall objective of the revision of the standard was not only to maintain the necessary level of safety, but also to set out best practice where there has previously been scope for discretion.

NS 9415:2021 sets out functional requirements for floating aquaculture farms and will be fundamental for stakeholders in the aquaculture industry, such as authorities, supervisory bodies, designers, suppliers, actors within R&D and manufacturers, as well as aquaculture farm owners. 
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Last updated: 2022-11-07

NS 9415:2021


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