Positive material identification measurement

New standard for Positive Material Identification (PMI) – NS 5855

NS 5855 covers PMI (positive material identification) of metallic alloys and welded components. The standard is applicable at the point of material reception, during the process of fabrication and as part of the final inspection process.

The standard is intended to be used by companies specifying or performing PMI. In addition, the document can be used as recommended guidelines when owners of the equipment specify requirements for performance of their systems. NS 5855 specifies requirements for personnel qualification and training, calibration of PMI equipment and performance of PMI. In addition, the requirements to the content of the PMI procedure and PMI report are provided. Informative annexes describe two most used PMI methods and give guidance on performance of PMI.


What can users achieve by adopting the standard?

  • Reduce the amount of documentation in the projects and variation in reporting 
  • Reduce costs for development of PMI procedures and procurement of equipment 
  • Allow owners and suppliers of the equipment to relate the to the same regulations 
  • Reduce costs for personnel training

Target groups

NS 5855 can be used by companies that specify or perform PMI. It can also be used as recommended guidelines when equipment owners, e.g. of a process plant, specifies requirements for work on own systems.

The target group for the standard can therefore be engineering companies and other contractors, the petroleum industry, maritime industry, land-based industry, renewable energy companies, owners and users of process facilities, suppliers of pipes, equipment and other components to the industry, and companies engaged in inspection.

First published in English

This Norwegian standard is first published in English because it is mostly aimed at the offshore industry.

Last updated: 2022-11-07

NS 5855:2022


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Positive Material Identification (PMI) of metallic components and welds

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