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Invitation to get involved in work on sustainability for prestressed and reinforcing steels

A new working group on sustainability in prestressed and reinforcing steels under ISO/TC 17/SC 16 Steels for the reinforcement and prestressing of concrete, is recently established. You and your organization are invited to get involved in the work.

Sustainability refers to any state of the global system in which the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The concept of sustainability is continually evolving. Understanding and achieving a balance between environmental, social and economic systems, ideally in mutually supporting ways, is considered essential for making progress towards achieving sustainability. Sustainability can be adopted for all kind of activities and products.

Basis for the new working group

ISO/TC 17/SC 16 was created in 1980 and has ever since been evolving in order to manage the needs and requirements of the industry, authorities, producers, and consumers. One of the latest developments in this committee is establishing a new working group on sustainability.

The work on sustainability actually started in 2018 in this committee. The initial work included assessment of the need for incorporating sustainability in the relevant standards and establishment of an ad-hoc group for considering how sustainability should be addressed. The ad-hoc group had members from China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Norway, and UK and was led by Mr. Magnus Krokstad from Norway. The ad-hoc group discussed different aspects of sustainability and the relevance of the different “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) from the United Nations.  The ad-hoc group identified the following SDGs as important for the committee:

  • SDG 9: Industries, innovation, and infrastructure
  • SDG 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
  • SDG 13: Climate Action
  • SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities
  • SDG 14: Life below water
  • SDG 15: Life on land

Furthermore, they recommended establishment of a permanent working group to continue their work on sustainability.

You are invited to join 

The working group (WG 14) has now been successfully established and Mr. Magnus Krokstad has been approved as the convenor for the working group.

We would like to invite all relevant experts to join us on our endeavour on this important task for developing standard(s) for implementing sustainability by taking in account the relevant SDGs for prestressed and reinforcing steels. Please contact your national standardization Body (NSB) for participation in the work. See list on the ISO web page.

Secretariat contact information

For more information and details please contact Javad Sunde Fahadi, at Standards Norway.

Last updated: 2021-05-06