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Development of a Facility Management strategy – NS-EN ISO 41014 guides you on the way

NS-EN ISO 41014 was published in October 2020, and this is a new standard in the FM family.

The aims for FM standards

The European framework of Facility Management (FM) standards consists of EN ISO 41000-series and EN 15221-series of standards. The overall aim is to integrate people, places and processes within the built environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life for people and the productivity of the core business. FM affects the safety, well-being and quality of life of much of the world’s societies and population through the services it manages and delivers. FM is of strategic importance because it directly supports a demand, the organization's core business strategy, enabling its objectives and plans to be realized through the management of facilities that are safe, reliable, efficient, cost effective, and sustainable.

Developing a FM strategy

The organization responsible for FM will benefit from a FM strategy as part of the FM management system. EN ISO 41014 describes how this can be done. An FM strategy supports organizations to

  • better understand the demand, organization’s objectives, needs and constraints and an appropriate approach to FM and facility services
  • align the demand organization’s objectives and needs with the right means to support them
  • align FM requirements and the demand organization’s core business activities
  • improve efficiency in the management of FM and delivery of facility services
  • create a sustainable and more efficient use of scarce resources.

Use of EN ISO 41014

Any organization seeking guidance and best practices on a common methodology for developing a strategy for FM should make use of this standard.

Scope of the standard

This standard provides a common understanding of which factors should be considered when developing the FM strategy. The standard defines FM strategy as a:

  • statement expressing the analysed needs of the demand organization, proposed facility management solution(s) and outline plan for implementation.

NS-EN ISO 41014 is a process standard describing the decisions, activities, information, data and stakeholders that have to be coordinated into a manageable process for the development of a strategy for FM and the process stages.

The family of FM standards

The FM family consists of the following standards

  • NS-EN 41000-serien
  • NS-EN 15221-serien
  • NS 6422
  • SN-ISO/IEC 17021-11

These standards give requirements, recommendations and guidance on the management and provision of facility servises to support the demand organization needs.

See the whole family of standards below.

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Facility management — Development of facility management strategy (ISO 41014:2020)

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Facility Management. The collection contains the following standards: NS-EN ISO 41001, NS-EN ISO 41011, NS-EN ISO 41012, SN-ISO/TR 41013, NS-EN ISO 41014, NS-EN 15221-3, NS-EN 15221-4, NS-EN 15221-5, NS-EN 15221-6, NS-EN 15221-7, NS 6422.


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