Norwegian Standard for Acoustics in Music Halls – Now Available in English

After considerable interest from other countries, Standards Norway has released NS 8178 in English. The standard serves as a national supplement to NS-ISO 23591.

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The standard NS 8178 Acoustic quality criteria for spaces for music performance, was published in 2023 as a national supplement to the international standard NS-ISO 23591.

 NS 8178 outlines requirements for performance halls that are not covered by the international standard. This includes criteria for sound conditions for music performance halls with a volume of up to 6500 m³.

By the end of 2023, there was already considerable international interest in the Norwegian supplement. In January 2024, the supplement was made available in English.

In 2014, NS 8178 became the first standard to include acoustic criteria for music rehearsal rooms, sparking widespread international interest and laying the groundwork for an ISO standard.

Under Norwegian leadership by Jon G. Olsen from the Akershus Music Council, the international standard, NS-ISO 23591, was completed in 2021. The standard NS-ISO 23591 Acoustic Quality Criteria for Music Rehearsal Rooms and Spaces, is a valuable tool for musicians, planners, municipalities and others looking to create good sound conditions in new and existing music rehearsal rooms.

Read more about the standard here (only available in Norwegian)

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