NORSOK R-005 is revised and on public enquiry

NORSOK R-005 “safe use of lifting and transport equipment in onshore petroleum plants”, edition 2, is out for public enquiry. The enquiry closes the 31st of January 2024.

Several people in a meeting room
Photo: Standard Norway/Nicolas Tourrenc

NORSOK R-005 was last published in 2007 and is now in a revision process. The standard applies to safe use of lifting and transport equipment used in operations on petroleum plants onshore. The standard does not apply to manual lifting where no lifting equipment is used, or the use of safety equipment to prevent falling.

This edition includes changes that stakeholders in the industry have submitted since revision 1. The edition also clarifies new equipment categories to which the standard applies.

Changes made to edition 1, July 2007, are too extensive for revision marking to be useful.

Comments for the enquiry draft

You can read the draft called "prNORSOK R-005:2023" through our official enquiry portal.

Through the enquiry portal, you can also leave your comments for each specific section of the draft. Please note that all comments must be submitted by the 31st of January 2024.

To access the draft, you will need to sign into the enquiry portal. New users will need to register. You can do this at the bottom of this page:

If you have a registered user, you can access the draft here: prNORSOK R-005:2023

For further questions please contact project manager in Standards Norway, Espen Holm.